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A businessman accused of raping five women after meeting them on an internet dating site has been accused of having a "Jekyll and Hyde" character.

Jason Lawrance, 50, is also alleged to have attempted to rape another woman and sexually assaulted a seventh after meeting them on dating site

The alleged offences took place between June 2011 and November 2014 and the victims are from five counties.

Prosecutor Shaun Smith QC spoke about one of the alleged incidents in which a woman said she was attacked in a hotel room in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, in October 2014.

Derby Crown Court heard the pair had consensual sex, then went out for a walk and a meal. She went to use the toilet in his room before they drove back to her home, where, she claimed, Lawrance ripped her tights off, tied her hands behind her back and raped her.

Mr Smith asked Lawrance why the woman would make up the allegation that he had raped her: "Was it for some personal gratification?"

Lawrance replied: "I don't know. I don't know why she made a false statement."

Mr Smith said: "She said you turned from being perfectly nice to being a monster that would frighten the life out of her.

"Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde you are. When it's going your way, it's fine. When it's not? Nasty rapist."

Lawrance said: "She had consensual sex on the first date, she has regretted it then gone and done this."

The case continues.