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Man woken by oral sex opens eyes to find male stranger molesting him

Dale Everard (Pic: The Courier)
Dale Everard (Pic: The Courier)

A man who assumed his girlfriend was performing oral sex on him had a rude awakening when he opened his eyes to find a male stranger’s mouth on his genitals.

A court in Scotland heard that the unnamed victim allowed the person to continue touching his genitals and performing the sex act for a short while, until he realised that it was actually a 22-year-old gay man called Dale Everard.

The victim then jumped out of bed “in a state of shock and anger”.

Everard told the victim “you liked it” causing the man to burst into tears before pushing his attacker out of the house.

The victim had been in a nightclub in Dunfermline, Scotland with his girlfriend the night before.

His girlfriend had befriended Everard on the dance floor and the two spent most of the night chatting.

The victim left early saying he felt drunk and his girlfriend left later on with Everard.

An argument broke out between the victim and his girlfriend about her bringing a stranger back to the house.

The victim fell asleep on top of his bed fully clothed and his girlfriend fell asleep on the sofa.

The sexual assault happened shortly afterwards.

Everard was jailed for 18 months on Monday after admitting assaulting the man while he was asleep, under the influence of alcohol and incapable of giving or withholding consent.

He has also been put on the sex offenders register.