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Man claiming to be god had sex with tree and attacked cop

Kenneth Crowder
Kenneth Crowder

A man who had been taking ‘flakka’, a synthetic drug with the amphetamine-like effects of Mephedrone, had to be tasered twice by police who caught him having sex with a tree.

41-year-old Kenneth Crowder announced that he was God while running, nude, through a neighbourhood in Melbourne, Florida, US, before engaging in a sex act with the tree.

Police arrived on the scene and approached Crowder who began swiftly walking towards the officer in an aggressive manner while identifying himself as God.

The cop shot Crowder with a taser, but the amped up tree lover pulled the probes from his body.

The officer fire a second shot from the taser, but again Crowder removed the electric probes before announcing that he was Thor.

A fight ensued between the naked suspect and the cop, during which Crowder tried to stab the officer with his own police badge.

Other officers arrived and helped subdue the marauding lunatic.

A woman who called emergency services also said that Crowder had attempted to engage in the act of self- fellatio, while having sex with the tree.

A witness who saw the incident told NBC 6 Crowder appeared to have “superhuman strength”.

Amanda Davenport said: “He kept getting up, he came after the cop and picked him up and threw him.”

Crowder, whose mugshot shows him with a black eye, was booked into the Brevard County Jail Complex.