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"Killer" pizza boy who “had sex with roommate’s corpse” smears poo on himself in court

Brian Santana
Brian Santana

A man who allegedly strangled his roommate, before having sex with her dead body smeared poo all over himself and tried to hit an officer at the courthouse.

Police say that pizza delivery boy Brian Santana stabbed and strangled his roommate Shelby Fazio to death before having sex with her dead body in Orlando, Florida.

In earlier court documents the 21-year-old pizza delivery boy confessed to the brutal strangling, stabbing and sexual intercourse.

He also allegedly killed Ms Fazio's dog and wrote "I'm sorry I did this" on the wall with the animal's blood.

Police removing part of the wall with the bizarre message

The alleged necrophiliac's trial was delayed when a judged ordered he undergo a mental evaluation after he pooped in his hands and smeared it all over himself before trying to punch a prison guard. 

Judge Renee Roache said: "He has now soiled himself and smeared himself in faeces and smeared the wall.

"I've ordered security to clean him up and bring him up here in full restraints."

"He certainly knows how to behave himself in the courtroom," she said. "He behaved himself very well yesterday.

"Now that the train is coming down the tracks at full speed we are seeing some other behaviour.

"I will not tolerate disruption in this courtroom. If I have to gag him I will. If I have to remove him I will."

Shelby Fazio

Santana also allegedly attempted to kill his other housemate John Heermance, who told police that he saw a trail of blood leading to Ms Fazio’s bedroom and found Santana washing his hands.

When he attempted to take out his phone Santana lunged at him with a knife, but Heermance managed to escape from the house.

The arrest report states that Santana initially planned to buy a fake gun from Walmart so that police would shoot him dead, but before that he decided, rather bizarrely, to get his hair cut.

Speaking to Channel 9, the salon owner said: "His eyes were big and [he] said, 'I'm going to jail,' so he knew it was over."