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Man tweeted about ‘viciously murdering’ housemates before allegedly killing one

Zachary Penton
Zachary Penton

A young man who tweeted that he was close to murdering his housemates is now facing murder charges.

Zachary Penton (21) is accused of the murder of Daniel Garofalo (41) after a shooting at their Arizona home on Sunday night.

Police told ABC 15 that Penton called 911 to report he had killed Garofalo.

He faces second-degree murder charges.

Penton is reported to have tweeted about killing his housemates less than two days before the death.

“I need to move out of my place before I viciously murder my roommates,” reads a post on a Twitter account under the name of Zac Penton.

The post was deleted Tuesday afternoon and police said they are working to see if Penton was the publisher of the tweet.

Penton’s lawyer told the broadcaster that people often write statements that are not meant to be taken seriously.

A resident in the area said there was always a lot of parties in the house.