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Man tried to electrocute his dad to death for inheritance

John Knudsen
John Knudsen

A man allegedly attempted to kill his own father by electrocuting him to death, in order to secure his dad’s entire inheritance.

Unemployed Florida man, John Knudsen, tried to zap his 81-year-old father to death on Thanksgiving morning after learning that he would be the sole beneficiary of his dad’s will.

Three days before the attack John Knudsen’s father of the same name had told his unemployed son to get a job during a heated exchange.

Then, on Thanksgiving, John Jnr waited for his dad to use the bathroom and stalked him inside.

The son produced an electric cord which was plugged in on one end and had open, exposed wires on the other.

He pressed the wires against his dad’s chest, electrocuting him, while threatening to stop his heart, John Snr said.

The father, who has a heart condition, passed out after he was zapped by his money-hungry son.

When John Snr regained consciousness he calmed his son down and they both returned to their bedrooms after an hour of talking.

Once in his room the father grabbed his gun for protection.

Once his son was asleep John Snr went to the police station to report the assault.

Knudsen is charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated abuse of an elderly person and aggravated battery on a person aged 65 or older