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Man shot and tasered by police as he chased and attacked his mum with an axe

Pic: NBC
Pic: NBC

A mentally disturbed man who was spotted by police charging behind his fleeing mother while brandishing an axe was shot several times and tasered by police in San Jose, US.

The 26-year-old man who is described as being 300lbs (21 stone) and 5 ft 9inches tall, survived the ordeal as well as his mother who suffered injuries to her head and back.

According to Police Chief Eddie Garcia, officers stumbled upon the desperate scene while on the way to investigate a report about a motorists driving erratically.

They spotted the attacker chasing his screaming mother and opened fire as he “wound up to swing the axe”.

Despite being shot the man was still able to hit his mother with the deadly weapon, prompting the second officer to shoot him.

At this point the man and his distressed and injured mother fell to the ground.

The officers approached the deranged man, who refused to comply with the cop’s commands, prompting one officer to taser him.

But that apparently had little effect as well.

"In fact, the suspect pulled out some of the prongs that were attached to his body," Garcia said.

Despite having been blasted twice and tasered the heavyweight hatchet-man managed to once more grab his axe , this time striking his wounded mother in the head.

He was then shot again and was finally subdued with the help of a third officer.

Both the son and his mother, whose identities were not immediately released, were taken to the hospital.

She was in stable condition Wednesday evening and was being treated for serious head and back injuries.

Police didn't detail her son's injuries but said he is expected to survive.