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Man removed heart from mother's chest and then masturbated 'as a release'

Omar Mark Pettigen's mugshot, from Fremont Police Department
Omar Mark Pettigen's mugshot, from Fremont Police Department

A California man accused of murdering his mother has told police that after he cut his mother open and removed her heart he masturbated as he needed 'a release'.

The shocking details comes from court documents that have been published by the New York Daily News.

Omar Mark Pettigen was arrested in Oakland last week after police made a grim discovery at his mother's home.

They found 64-year-old Nailah Pettigen in a blood-soaked bedroom in her home.

She had been sliced open from her neck to her abdomen and she had also been shot at least seven times.

Her son, aged 31, said he did it because she was addicted to painkillers and killing herself that way and the pair had argued.

He alleges she pointed a gun at him and he then struck her with a hammer to make her drop the gun before striking his mother on the head with a tomahawk.

He then grabbed a gun and shot her four times in the back before taking a knife, slicing her open and removing her heart.

Police were also told by Pettigen that he then masturbated as "he needed to be with himself and needed a release after the event".

The accused then went for a few beers with friends before booking as flight to Chicago.

Nailah Pettigen was a well known, and well liked, teacher and many former pupils have paid their respects to her.

Her son has now been charged with murder and desecration of human remains. He is being held without bail.