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Man found guilty of pushing wife to her death off a cliff

Harold Henthorn and his wife Toni (PIC via
Harold Henthorn and his wife Toni (PIC via

Harold Henthorn has been found guilty of the first-degree murder of his wife by pushing her off a 130ft cliff at a park in Colorado.

The 59-year old was set to pocket $4.5million (€4m) from her life insurance and the prosecution case was built around this motive.

Henthorn and his wife Toni had been on a hike in Colorado National Park for their 12th anniversary when the incident happened in 2012.

The accused had said that his wife had stopped to take a photo of the view before accidentally falling to her death.

The prosecutor's case was that Henthorn had pushed her and that he wanted it to look like an accident so he could pocket the large payout.

In evidence it was shown that he had looked up various remote areas of the park nine times before the trip and that he had come up with four different versions of how his wife had fallen to her death in the aftermath of the incident.

Eight women and four men convicted Henthorn of first-degree murder and he now faces a mandatory life sentence in prison.

Police in Denver are now also looking at the death of his first wife Sandra in 1995.

She died in a remote area when a car fell on her while changing a tyre.

At the time the death was ruled accidental and Henthorn received a life insurance payment of $496,000 (€444,000).