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Man drove around residential area with electrical wires attached to his willy

Kurt Jenkins (Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department)
Kurt Jenkins (Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department)

56-year-old Kurt Jenkins was arrested by police in Florida, US, on Halloween after driving through a local neighbourhood with electrical wires protruding from his penis.

According to reports, a witness called police to complain about a nude man who was slowly cruising around the residential area.

Police say that the witness identified the naked man as Jenkins and claimed that he had pulled up alongside him and gestured for him to have a look at his groin.

"(The witness) observed Jenkins was completely naked and saw an electronic device with wires, which was attached to Jenkins' penis," the police report said.

The witness said Jenkins opened the passenger door and asked him to get inside, to which he politely declined, before taking photograph of Jenkins naked behind the wheel.

Jenkins allegedly made several passes through the area, slowing down “almost to a complete stop” as children from a nearby school were dropped off.

He allegedly refused to get on the ground when police officers arrived, forcing them to grab him out of the vehicle and handcuff him.

He now faces charges of lewd and lascivious exhibition, exposure of sexual organs and resisting a law enforcement officer without violence.