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"Man beat infant son to death and left him to decompose in crib," court hears


A couple have been charged with the murder of their infant son, Chance.

Arrest affidavits claim that the 9-week-old was viciously beaten to death by his father 35-year-old Joseph Walsh, who then left the child's body to decompose in a crib inside the house

Reports indicate that the smell became too much for the child’s mother 32-year-old Kristen Bury, who asked that the corpse be removed.

Walsh and Bury 

According to a probable cause affidavit, Chance’s body was wrapped up in bags and stuffed into the wardrobe,

His remains was then removed and buried in a shallow grave, 13-miles away from his home in North Port, Florida.

Reports indicate that Bury told police that Joseph repeatedly struck Chance. At one point she allegedly told Joseph “ you are going to break his f***ing neck.”

“Joseph said to Kristen that he was going to bash his (Chance’s) head into the ground at one point during the argument. Kristen never called 911 or took any measures to prevent Joseph from abusing Chance,” the court document said.

The court document said that the couple are both long-time drug users with a criminal history.

The report states that the two “made the conscious determination not to contact EMS or any other medical assistance.


“Joseph said during his interview that Kristen told him she did not want them to call 911 because she did not want to lose both people she loves in the same day.”

After he died, Chance was placed in his crib, where he was left to decompose until Bury complained about the smell, the affidavit said.

“Joseph wrapped Chance in numerous garbage bags, and then placed the decomposing remains of Chance in the closet of the bedroom,” the court document said.

Eight days after the child was killed Bury and Walsh travelled to Elliot Court to bury their son.

Detectives searched the area after Bury directed them there.

“Kristen disclosed that Joseph was wearing blue ‘hospital [surgical] gloves’ when he was digging the hole, but the gloves were damaged by the shovels and fragments were likely left behind,” the affidavit said.

The cause of the child’s death was not yet released.

Both are charged with first degree murder.