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Man arrested for allegedly adding acid to lubricant in gay club


A man in Sydney has been arrested and charged for allegedly putting hydrochloric acid into a lubricant dispenser in a gay night club.

ABC news in Australia report on the incident that happened in a club called Aarows in Sydney which describes itself as a "gay and bi social club" with "three levels of adult adventure"

A 62-year-old man was spotted trying to put the highly dangerous substance hydrochloric acid into a lubricant dispenser in a room in the club.

The club's security was alerted to the incident when an alarm fitted to the fixtures in the room to prevent tampering went off.

They detained him until the police arrived. According to ABC the man has been charged with 'administering poison with the intent to cause injury, distress or pain, and malicious damage'.

The acid can be highly corrosive and can scar and burn if it makes contact with human skin.

The suspect has been bailed and will appear in court next month.