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Man arrested for 'having sex with a goat' on Christmas Eve

Darryl Gene Scoggin (Pic via Oklahoma County Jail)
Darryl Gene Scoggin (Pic via Oklahoma County Jail)

A man in Oklahoma has been arrested after allegedly being caught having sex with a goat on Christmas Eve.

Oklahoma City Police Department say that 53-year-old Darryl Gene Scoggin was arrested on a complaint of animal cruelty on December 24.

The report says that at 10.30pm they were called to an address in the city where a witness told them they say Scoggin with his trousers around his ankles holding a goat down.

The witness told the police that Scoggin was 'obviously having sexual intercourse with the goat'.

A man who had sex with a goat was forced to face his victim in court, full story and video are here

The witness went after Scoggin with his gun but the alleged goat lover made  a run for it.

However, he was caught by the witness and held at gunpoint until the police arrived and took Scoggin into custody.

The witness also told police that this was not the first incident of this nature had happened to their goats.