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Man allegedly found with 21 vaginas in his freezer appears in court

Court: Peter Frederiksen
Court: Peter Frederiksen

A Danish man living in South Africa who allegedly had 21 mutilated vaginas in his freezer has appeared in court.

Warning: Article contains graphic details.

Peter Frederiksen (58) was arrested in September in the city of Bloemfontein after his wife told police he drugged her and cut off her genitalia while she was incapacitated.

His wife, 28-year-old Anna Matseliso Molise, was due to testify against Mr Frederiksen but was shot dead while leaving her home last month. 

She was the State's witness against the 58-year-old after he was allegedly discovered with the array of female genitalia in his freezer. 

"She was a key witness in our cases against Frederiksen," Lieutenant-General Mthandazo Ntlemeza said at the time. 

"We suspected that something might happen and we offered her witness protection but she refused. Despite this setback we are committed to do all in our power to bring justice to all women who fell victim of the accused."

During the raid police discovered the severed vaginas along with anaesthetic drugs and surgical equipment. 

Frederiksen “allegedly sedated his victims before performing illegal operations on them,” police said in a statement.

Hangwani Mulaudzi, a South African police spokesman, told a publication at the time of his arrest: "We have found 21 genitals from 21 women.

"The man's wife is one of the women. We are now investigating who the other 20 are."

Police believe most of his victims were from Lesotho, but it is unknown whether they were alive or dead when the body parts were removed. 

A police spokeswoman said that Frederiksen had kept an organised record of every body part he had removed since his first victim in 2010. 

He currently faces charges of sexual assault, intimidation and breaking South Africa’s medical laws. He was appearing in court today on bail-related issues.