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Man allegedly chopped off dog’s head because it “looked at him weird”

Javier Orelly
Javier Orelly

A 28-year-old man has been charged with animal cruelty after he allegedly beheaded a dog because it “looked at him weird”.

Javier Orelly was arrested after police officers found him digging a hole next to the headless remains of a dog, outside his apartment.

Neighbours reportedly  called the cops when they saw hime kicking and throwing a large black dog around in front of the apartments in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Orelly allegedly told officers that he sacrificed the animal to “clense himself” after it had “looked at him weird”.

Officers say they found the dog's head nearby, next to the remains of a dead duck.

Orelly now faces two counts of animal cruelty.

He is currently being held without bail pending a mental health examination.