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50 questions we are left with after watching Netflix show Making A Murderer

So many questions...
So many questions...

For the hundreds of thousands of Irish people and millions around the world who were glued to their couches over the last few weeks watching every shocking twist and turn in Netflix super-doc Making a Murderer – there is one consistent emotion…confusion. What the hell is going on?

The whole world, it seems, has watched in shock as gaffe after gaffe was made by authorities and legal teams in two of America’s most infamous court cases.
For ten hours and seven minutes, filmmakers took us on the most insane journey through the murky depths of the Wisconsin judicial system.
And even though we are left thrilled to have been given access to the gripping show we are all left with questions. So many feckin’ questions.
Our resident Making A Murderer fans (@DaraghKeany @LyndaVsTheNet @Deneezsmith) have compiled a list of 50 questions still left unanswered…
1. What the actual f**k?
2. Is this entire case just because he ran his cousin (who was married to a cop and who we didn’t see after ep 1) off the road?
3. Seriously though – what the fuck?
4. Why were Teresa’s ex-boyfriend and brother not quizzed about their whereabouts on the day of the disappearance?
5. Did the courthouse strategically place the fattest cop on duty each day right behind Avery (below)? Different cops, different days, different episodes, same waistline. Incredible.

6. Why weren’t polygraphs used on Steven, Brendan, Teresa’s ex boyfriend, Sgt Lenk, Colburn, Fassbender or cousin Kayla?
7. Why was cousin Kayla’s false statement (admitted in court) allowed to be used in the prosecution’s closing statements in the Brendan Dassey case?
8. Why did Brendan’s second lawyer (a slightly more bearable attorney compared to Len Kachinsky) not play the tape for the last 90 minutes which showed him telling Barb that they ‘got into his head’.
9. Are those accents real?
10. How, on any level at any time, did Brendan (below) not get psychologically assessed? He would have certainly been categorised as ‘simple’ or ‘slow’and would have required an adult (NOT his mum) to be with him for all of the interrogations (by cops and Mick O’Kelly)?

11. How did Mick O’Kelly think what he was doing to Brendan that day was acceptable/ethical? (He phoned Len Kachinsky while still on camera to tell him he got what they wanted)
12. Why are we rooting for the rednecks? It feels weird.
13. How did the jury in the Steven Avery case flip flop from three guilty at the start of deliberations to all 12 deciding he was guilty four days later?
14. Surely it would have been fairer on the accused if a different judge oversaw the appeals as their leadership/judgement/assessments were called into question and so it was unlikely to result in the decision being overturned?
15. Why do the Avery family need so many cars?

16. Oh yeah…Who killed Teresa?
17. Why was the blood capsule punctured at the top and why is there no definitive test for EDTA in blood?
18. Why were the blood tests not carried out on the car itself to eliminate the possibility of police interference with the samples?
19. Why doesn’t everyone have Netflix? We need to talk about this show…
20. Have Len Kachinsky (below) and Rick Moranis ever been spotted in the same room at the same time?

21. How did Judge Willis think the key was a legitimate piece of evidence when it was clearly proven to be planted? (As for the bullet – that’s harder to disprove but the way the show was edited it certainly looked as if it was also planted)
22. Why was the spot in the woods, where two pieces of bone were discovered, not searched or dealt with more convincingly?
23. How did that jury think Steve was guilty of murder but not guilty of mutilating the corpse?
24. How did filmmakers (Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos) get such access to everyone throughout an ongoing case?
25. Why are attorneys allowed to hold a press conference every day after court?
26. How did the film makers sit on this for 4-5 years after the verdicts? It’s gold!
27. Who is the “international recording artist” on the jury? Please tell us it’s Barry Manilow?
28. Why did the excused juror keep hanging around?
29. Did Brendan ever get to see Wrestlemania?
30. Why was Scott Tadych (below) not looked into more?

31. Either you think Brendan’s confession was the truth, in which case, where the hell is all the DNA of the gruesome murder or you think he made it up, in which case, why is he in jail?
32. What the f**k is Bobby Dassey’s story, even if he has it in for Steven, he must have known that his testimony would also make his own brother look guilty.
33. Is it just us or was Avery a bit ridey back in the day when he was first arrested?

34. Speaking of Barb – does anyone know whether she’s a blonde, a brunette or even a ginge?
35. Why is Steven’s girlfriend Jodi always smiling at the camera – it’s not funny Jodi!
36. Apparently Teresa told her bosses that she wasn’t comfortable around Steven – why wasn’t that evidence included?
37. Can someone give Dean Strang and Jerry Buting (below) their own TV show?

38. We don’t care that this is a different jurisdiction – when we get framed for murder we want to hire Strand and Buting! Okay so technically that’s not a question. But it’s important and needed to be said.
39. Why do people on the internet think he deserved what he got because he threw a cat on the fire when he was younger?
40. Where is Dolores Avery (below) right now so I can give her a hug?

41. How long have Netflix known about this and why wasn’t it flagged with us beforehand?
42. Where is Ken Kratz (below) right now so I can sucker punch the fat, sweaty, smarmy face off him?

43. Did Len get a swift kick in the knackers when he was a kid that left him talking like a girl for the rest of his life?
44. When is the follow up coming? We need more!
45. How can every court in the land refuse a retrial based on the facts put in front of them? Surely lawyers just have to prove enough of a doubt? It’s not up to them to find the real killer.
46. Did Brendan actually read ‘Kiss the Girls’?
47. Why did the initial sheriff do the sketch and then frame it? 
48. How on earth were the lead investigators not reprimanded for coercing a confession?
49. Where did the random cat lady come from who is now dating Steven?
50. Seriously though – what the f**k?