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Limerick gangster survives hit after gun jams

Ger Dundon survived an attempted hit
Ger Dundon survived an attempted hit

It is being reported that Limerick gangster Ger Dundon escaped with a severe beating when an attempted hit on his life was botched.

Today's Irish Sun says that the criminal was grabbed by a Limerick crime gang and driven to a remote location to be killed but the pistol the would-be assassins used jammed, sparing the 29-year-old's life.

Instead, Dundon was given a severe beating by the hoodlums, an assault that left him 'crying like a baby' according to the paper.

The attack happened three months ago and has come to light now after a source spoke to the press.

Dundon, who is the brother of Limerick thugs Dessie (30), John (31) and Wayne Dundon (36), was released from Wheatfield Prison in Dublin in January 2014 after serving five years for a public disorder offence.

He was granted early release with remission after being imprisoned for violent disorder.

Dundon now spends most of his time in England but he has also been spotted in Clonmel where his current girlfriend lives.