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VIDEO: Harrowing footage of knife attacker’s last moments as he lunges at police with blade

Crime WorldBy Morgan Flanagan Creagh
VIDEO: Harrowing footage of knife attacker’s last moments as he lunges at police with blade

Police officers shot and killed a knife wielding man who, moments earlier, had stabbed a student in the head.

49-year-old Calvin Peters had walked into a New York synagogue and reportedly said ‘Kill the Jews!’ before beginning his manic rampage.

Eyewitness Israel Gottdenger told the New York Post that Peters walked calmly into the synagogue before the incident.

“I entered the building with him, I even held the door open for him,” said Gottdenger.

“It’s a very public building and people of all kinds are always walking in, white, black, everyone.

“He was just going crazy”.

“He said, `I want to sit down, I want to get a Bible, who wants to die tonight,’ he kept changing his words. He was either really high on drugs or an (emotionally disturbed person).”

Peters briefly walked outside, only to return moments later and stab Levi Rosenblat in the side of the head.

Stabbed in the head:  Levi Rosenblat

A witness flagged down a squad car which was passing the building.

Officers then confronted Peters as he stood in the synagogue, brandishing his knife.

The following footage may be distressing for some viewers

Officers can be heard repeatedly telling Peters to put down his weapon and at one stage it looks like he might just comply.

The manic attacker places his knife on a bench, only to make a grab for it, causing the officers to re-draw their weapons.

Peters again lunged at the officers, this time they took action.

The knife used in the attack

NYPD officer Roberto Pagan fired one shot into Peters’ torso.

Some viewers may find the following footage disturbing.

“Preliminary reports suggest the assailant in this case suffered from mental health issues” said Chief of Department James O’Neill.