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Killer sent to cushy prison with badminton and in cell satellite TV

Alex Pacteau
Alex Pacteau

Twisted murderer Alexander Pacteau will be serving his life sentence in a cushy prison with personal fitness programmes, volleyball and creative writing classes, it has been reported.

The 21-year-old bludgeoned Irish student Karen Buckley to death with a spanner and attempted to dispose of her body in a vat of chemicals, earlier this year.

A major search followed and the 24-year-old nurse’s remains were eventually found in a barrel on farmland outside Glasgow.

Despite this gruesome crime Pacteau will serve a minimum of 23-years at freshly-refurbished Shotts jail in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The slammer has been praised by lags for its range of perks and facilities.

Pacteau will have access to a PlayStation and will have satellite TV in his cell.

He will also be able to play badminton, volleyball and do weight training at a special induction centre which gives a regime to ease criminals into life behind bars.

The murderer can also take classes in creative writing, arts and crafts and drama at the jail’s learning centre.

It has been reported that lags can purchase their own games consoles with their Scottish taxpayer-funded ‘wages, which also fund their TV sets.

Meanwhile police are questioning escorts in Glasgow in the fear the Pacteau may have been violent towards other women.

Sources have revealed that phone records belonging to the twisted 21-year-old have shown a number of calls made to escorts in his home city in the weeks running up to Karen’s death.

It's understood that police are following "several leads" found on phones and laptops belonging to the Glasgow native.