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Killer cabbie accuses detective of being ‘corrupt’

Christopher Halliwell
Christopher Halliwell

A taxi driver jailed for life for murdering an office worker accused the senior detective who brought him to justice of being a "corrupt bastard", a court has heard.

Christopher Halliwell, 52, who is on trial accused of killing a second young woman, told Detective Superintendant Steve Fulcher that it was a "pleasure ruining your career".

Halliwell, who is conducting his own defence against the charge of murdering Becky Godden, 20, questioned Mr Fulcher during cross-examination.

Mr Fulcher had been called by the prosecution to give evidence at Bristol Crown Court during Halliwell's trial and he told the jury he was now working as a consultant in Somalia.

After asking Mr Fulcher a few questions clarifying points the officer had made in statements relating to his leading of the investigation into the disappearance and murder of Sian O'Callaghan, Halliwall indicated he had one more question to ask.

He told Mr Fulcher: "Oh and by the way, it was a pleasure ruining your career. You corrupt bastard."

The defendant is currently serving a life sentence with a minimum term of 25 years after admitting stabbing and strangling Miss O'Callaghan, 22, in 2011.

Halliwell, formerly of Ashbury Avenue, Swindon, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Miss Godden.

Becky Godden 

Before Mr Fulcher started giving his evidence, prosecutor Nicholas Haggan QC set the scene to the jury of Halliwell being arrested on the morning of March 24 at Asda in Swindon and driven to the Uffington area with Mr Fulcher, Detective Sergeant Edward Strange and police civilian Deborah Peach.

Mr Haggan asked Mr Fulcher what Halliwell had told him after they arrived at that location - where Miss O'Callaghan's body was later found - and the witness replied: "He said 'We need to have a chat'."

The officer said Det Sgt Strange then drove him, Halliwell and Mrs Peach to a location near to the White Horse landmark in Uffington where they could speak.

Mr Haggan asked Mr Fulcher: "Did you say to him 'What do you want to tell me?'"

Mr Fulcher told the court: "He replied 'I am a sick f*****' and he asked if it was too late to get help. I replied 'it's gone beyond that Chris'."

The court heard there was a pause and then Halliwell said: "Another one."

Mr Fulcher said: "I asked him when was that and he replied 2003, 2004 and 2005."

The detective asked Halliwell where he told the court: "He replied Eastleach, the other side of Lechlade-on-Thames.

"I asked whether it was a similar set of circumstances. He replied 'pretty much, out in the open'.

"He could not be clear about the year and he had taken a prostitute from the Manchester Road area of Swindon and I asked if he was able to take us back to the vicinity and he replied 'exact spot'.

"He said 'I know you're not a psychiatrist but what the f***'s wrong? Normal people don't go round killing each other'.

"I asked if there were any more incidents. Did you do one in February? He said no. I asked only those two and he replied 'isn't that enough?'

"I said it 'yes it is' and asked him 'when we find Sian are we going to find anything disturbing - was it straight sex?' He replied 'didn't have sex'.

"He said she was a prostitute on the game. I said 'you know Sian wasn't' and he replied to the effect that he was aware now."

Mr Fulcher told the court that Halliwell directed the driver, Sgt Strange, to a ploughed filed at Eastleach in Gloucestershire where he said he had buried Miss Godden's body.

"He took a reference from a dip in the wall and paced to the exact spot where he indicated where he had buried another victim," Mr Fulcher told the court.

Cross-examining Mr Fulcher, Halliwell challenged him on how deep Miss Godden's body had been buried in the field.

Halliwell asked him: "It wasn't five feet deep was it?"

Mr Fulcher replied: "No it wasn't, but that's what you told me at the time."

Halliwell told him: "You know from your inquiries that I spent most of my working life as a ground worker or building. So in that capacity I knew the difference between a five-foot hole and a six-inch hole. Doesn't it stand out?"

Mr Fulcher replied: "It does stand out. What I inferred from that Christopher..."

Halliwell interupted: "Chris..."

Mr Fulcher continued: " that Becky is one of your victims, as is Sian and you got confused about the nature of this deposition. You described very clearly a five-foot hole.That led me to conclude that there were other victims."

Sian O'Callaghan

Halliwell asked: "Ok, if you say so. Or does it suggest that maybe I really didn't know? By the end of this process you will know the truth. You won't like it but you will know the truth. You will know the truth about...

"It is going to leave a hell of a lot more questions unanswered. If I am an experienced ground worker which I used to be, I would know where I have dug a hole, I would know how deep it was. The first time I was in that field was with you.

"Oh and by the way, it was a pleasure ruining your career, you corrupt bastard."

Mr Fulcher replied: "I'm sure."