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Kidnap victim found dead in car boot after calling family and cops

Rita Maze (left) and her daughter Rochelle (Image via Facebook)
Rita Maze (left) and her daughter Rochelle (Image via Facebook)

A woman who was hit on the head and kidnapped managed to call her family and the cops from the boot of her abductor's car but when the police found the vehicle she was already dead.

The horrific crime took place in Montana, where 47-year-old Rita Maze was attacked and abducted at a truck stop.

The victim called her husband from the boot of the car she found herself in to tell him she had been taken and he raised the alarm and called the police.

Her daughter Rochelle, who also spoke to her, said her mother was hysterical on the calls they had but Maze also managed to speak to local police officers in a bid to track her down.

Using mobile phone technology they eventually tracked her signal to a car near Spokane Airport - 325 miles away from where she was taken - in the early hours of Wednesday but unfortunately Maze was dead when they arrived.

Police say they have a suspect in the case based on CCTV footage and the FBI are involved as the case involved more than one state.