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Judge calls defendant a “queer” after "donkey dick" comment in court

Denver Allen
Denver Allen

A routine hearing descended into a slagging match after an alleged killer told the court that he had a big “donkey dick” before being told that he “looked like a queer” by Superior Court Judge Bryant Durham.

The original story was posted online by legal blogger Keith Lee.

31-year-old Denver Allen appeared in court on charged in connection with the death of another inmate in Floyd County Jail in Georgia, US.

Allen was attempting to get another public defender before his trial and alleged that his current lawyer had told him that he’d only do a “good job” if Allen performed oral sex on him.

Judge Bryant Durham cautioned him against representing himself, telling Allen he would probably be convicted if he went to trial.

The proceedings took a downward turn from this point.

Within minutes, Allen told Durham he would “hold myself in contempt.”

“Listen to me,” Judge  Durham interjected.

“ F*ck you,” Allen told the judge and then continued saying the same thing.

After Durham found Allen in contempt, Allen responded, “I don’t care.”

Durham then slapped Allen with 20 days for contempt and said if he said anything else, he’d add another 20 days for everything else he said.

“F*ck you,” Allen said.

“Forty days,” Durham ordered.

“F*ck you again,” Allen said.

“Sixty,” said Durham.

“Go f*ck yourself,” Allen said.

“A year,” Durham said.

“Your mama,” Allen said.

“Ten years,” Durham ordered.

“Suck my d*ck,” Allen replied.

“You know something, this is going to be an interesting trial,” the judge said.

The defendant responded by asking if the judge would demand oral sex for a fair trial before telling the court about his penis.

“I’ve got a big old donkey dick,” Allen said.

“I’m sure the women love it” replied Durham.

Allen then informed the court that he only “f*cks boys”, especially “white-white boys” with “big white butts”.

To which the Superior Court Judge replied, “Oh, of course. You know you look like a queer.”

Allen then asked Durham if he could get a court order to have sodomy performed on him.

“You’re so cute,” Durham said. “I know all the inmates love you to death. … I’ll bet everybody enjoys f*cking you’re a*s.

“You ain’t supposed to be smiling in court,” Allen said.

“I can smile anytime I dadgum want to,” the judge replied.

Later, when Allen said he would masturbate in open court, Durham asked, “Why don’t you do that right now? … Do it now. … Do it now.”

Later on in the hearing Allen told Durham he would murder his whole family.

“I’ll cut your children up into pieces,” Allen said. “I’ll knock their brains out with a f*cking hammer and feed them to you. … The babies will be going, ‘Daddy, daddy, help me.’”

When the judge informed him that he didn’t have any kids Allen replied:

“Then I’ll get your nieces, your nephews, your sisters.”

Durham said he had none of those either and told Allen he’d “be in jail so long you won’t have a chance.”

As Judge Durham wrapped up the hearing, he called Allen “stupid” and said he had “no idea of the English language.”

Allen is accused of beating fellow inmate Stephen Rudolph Nalley to death at the Floyd County Jail in August 2015.

The whole court transcript can be read here.