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'Irishman' praised online for CCTV brawl with Turkish shopkeepers

Brawl: The 'Irishman' floors one of the shopkeepers
Brawl: The 'Irishman' floors one of the shopkeepers

A man who is purportedly Irish is being praised online for fighting back against a horde of Turkish shopkeepers who attacked him following an altercation.

CCTV footage of the brawl emerged yesterday showing the moment a man dressed in all white was set upon by a gang of vendors. 

The incident occurred in Istanbul’s Aksaray district.

In the clip, a man described in Turkish media as 'Irish' is seen fending off a number of shopkeepers attacking him with chairs, sticks and other instruments. 

The 'Irishman' can be seen accidentally spilling a fridge full of bottles of water. This sparked an argument which quickly descended into a brawl.

A number of shopkeepers emerge before the man is set upon. He is able to fend off many of the blows raining in upon him before flooring one local who aimed a punch at his head. 

The man is apparently undeterred by the amount of people trying to injure him as he continues to fight them off. One local media station reported the 'Irishman' entered his hotel several times for a breather before returning to fight the shopkeepers. 

He was eventually led away. 

The footage appeared on Haberturk TV on Tuesday and has since been viewed tens of thousands of times online. 

Whoever the man is, a lot of people have been commending him for tackling the shopkeepers. 

The incident was the third highest trending topic on social media in Turkey today.