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Irish brawler who took on mob: "They should have fought like men"

The Irishman is seen flattening one of the shopkeepers
The Irishman is seen flattening one of the shopkeepers

An Irish tourist who made headlines around the world following a brawl with a mob of Turkish shopkeepers has said the gang "messed with the wrong man".

Turkish media have identified the man as Kuwaiti-born Irish citizen Mohammed Fadel Dobbous.

Mr Dobbous became an internet sensation after footage of him fending off the attacks of a horde of shopkeepers went viral. 

In his first interview since the clip emerged he says he was surprised the incident escalated so quickly. 

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Speaking to Turkey's Show TV, he said: "I went to get a bottle of water. When I opened the door they fell all over me.

"I said I was sorry - accidents happen. But I was shocked at what happened next."

Mr Dobbous was then set upon by a number of men wielding sticks, chairs and other instruments. 

He revealed he suffered a number of injuries. 

"I didn't come looking for a fight. I am a Muslim, like yourself

"My hand [is hurt] and my shoulder is dislocated from when someone hit me in the back

"All this for water?

"I lost my phones, my gold chain and I lost my watch."

He added the gang had "messed with the wrong man" and that they should have fought with their hands, "like men". 

"They should fight like men," he said.

"You don't have to come at me with weapons. Come at me with your hands."