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Irish jihadi Khalid Kelly dies in suicide bomb attack during Mosul fighting, ISIS claims

Khalid Kelly
Khalid Kelly

An Irish jihadi has died in a suicide bomb attack in Mosul, according to claims by the Islamic State.

Abu Usama Al-Irlandi, better known as Khalid Kelly, was reportedly killed during fighting for Iraq's second largest city.

ISIS twitter accounts and reports from Iraq suggest that he died in the name of the Islamic State.

Al-Jazirah, an ISIS outlet, and several known ISIS twitter accounts posted a picture of Kelly posing in front of the VBIED (vehicle-borne improvised explosive device) he allegedly used to attack Iraqi state forces as they moved through the ISIS-held desert territory in the Niniveh Governorate.

The reports of Khalid Kelly's death have not officially been confirmed.

Born and raised in Dublin, Terence Edward Kelly (49) converted to Islam after he was jailed for making bootleg alcohol in Saudi Arabia in 2000.

He had trained and worked as an intensive care nurse. Reports have suggested he has a daughter and two sons living in Ireland.

Upon his return to Europe he became an outspoken supporter of Al Qaeda and even appeared on the Late Late show alongside controversial British cleric Anjem Choudary.

He was arrested by gardai ahead of the visit of US president Barack Obama in 2011.