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Irish drug mule set to stay locked up in Peru for another six months

Michaella McCollum and Scottish pal Melissa Reid
Michaella McCollum and Scottish pal Melissa Reid

Michaella McCollum is still languishing in a Peruvian jail, despite authorities agreeing to send her home.

Sources in Peru confirmed to the Irish Daily Star that state authorities have still not filled in the documentation needed for McCollum to be transferred to serve her time within an Irish prison, and although they have verbally agreed to allow her to serve in Northern Ireland, she will most likely stay in Peru for 6 more months. 

The 23-year old, along with Scottish pal Melissa Reid, was caught with over €2million worth of cocaine in Lima Airport back in August 2013.

The girls, who were in Ibiza prior to imprisonment, originally stated that they were kidnapped and forced to act as a drug mule for a local Balearic gang, however she finally admitted last year that she willingly took part in the operation to pay off personal debts. 

Last year law enforcement informed the women that their applications to serve the rest of their sentences in the home countries had been accepted, however the paper has learned that Northern Irish and Scottish authorities are still waiting on the Peruvian state to approve the requests.

"There is nothing to indicate that it'll be done in the coming months," a source in Belfast told the Star. "There is 50 percent remission here, but it may be higher for prisoners in Peru so she may decide to stay there and do the full sentence in Peru so she can get out of jail more quickly."

By Ross Murphy.