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IRA ordered 'House of Horrors' sex beast to pack bags

Keith Baker
Keith Baker

House of Horrors sex beast Keith Baker was ordered out of Ulster by the IRA 35 years ago, the Sunday World can reveal.

And a Sunday World investigation has found that Baker has an ex-wife and two kids living in Belfast.

We tracked down the woman who fled convicted rapist Baker while they were married in Guernsey almost 40 years ago.

The woman has no links to the Craigavon 'House of Horrors' and until now, nobody except close family knew Baker had married a Belfast girl in the 1970s.

We called at her door last Friday morning but she didn't want to talk about her time married to father-of-10 Baker, and we are not identifying her or where she lives.

However, we can reveal that the woman left sadistic Baker, who comes from Guernsey, when she was pregnant with the couple's second child.

A source confirmed last week that Baker was told to leave Northern Ireland by the IRA in the early 1980s.

"Baker was told to get out of the country or he would be shot dead," said a source.

"The IRA forced him out after he started causing trouble around 1981, when he came back to try and see his kids."

Baker was sentenced to 15 years in prison last week after he held a woman with a mental impairment as a sex slave for eight years in his house in Drumellan Mews, Craigavon.

His wife Caroline was sentenced to three years, though half will be served on licence, for her part in aiding and abetting her husband.

Now it has emerged that Baker's links to Northern Ireland go back 40 years after he married a Belfast woman.

Sources have told the Sunday World that Baker was physically abusive to the woman, who would have been his first wife.

And we can reveal that the woman, who has made a happy life for herself with another family, sought help from the Sisters of Mercy in Guernsey to help fund her 'escape'.

A source who knows the family told us the woman had made a "brave" decision to get away from Baker and added that, after recent events, it looked as if she had had a "very lucky escape".

"She met Baker when she travelled to Guernsey in the mid-1970s to look for work," said a source who knew the family.

"She got a job working on a market stall and that's how she met Keith Baker. They got married pretty quickly, but he was always controlling and soon he became abusive.

"They had a son, but when she became pregnant again she made the call to come back home to Belfast. The physical abuse was getting worse."

The source said the woman’s family in Belfast helped get her home after they had become concerned at how Baker was treating her.

"They got help from the nuns at the Sisters of Mercy and were able to send her enough money so she could get home with her son and without him knowing," said the source.

"Everyone knew there was something strange about him, but I don’t think anyone ever thought he was capable of what he did to that woman in Craigavon."

The Sunday World has learned that Baker came to Northern Ireland in the 1980s and tried to get access to his children, but the woman refused.

But sources say Baker refused to take 'no' for an answer and wouldn't leave the family alone.

It's not clear exactly what happened, but Baker crossed the wrong people while he was there and he was told he would be shot dead.

"He was very arrogant and hung around for a good while even though he'd been told by the family they didn't want to see him," said a source.

"You have to remember he was from Guernsey so he had a strong English accent, which wouldn't have gone down very well in the nationalist neighbourhood where his wife lived."

In October last year, Keith Baker and his wife pleaded guilty to what prosecuting QC Toby Hedworth described as "a catalogue of grave sexual abusive behaviour towards a woman with severe learning disabilities who was kept at the defendants' home for a number of years for their, and in particular Keith Baker's, sexual gratification."

Keith Baker pleaded guilty to 11 charges and his wife admitted seven.

Baker (61) and his wife Caroline (54), ran the House of Horrors for almost 10 years - keeping their disabled victim from ever leaving her tiny room by removing the handle on the inside of the door.