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Inmate sues prison after guards convicted of having sex with him

Brett Robinson and Jill Curry
Brett Robinson and Jill Curry

An inmate who had sex with two prison officers is now suing Washington County and the local Sheriff for $650,000 in damages alleging assault and battery along with negligent hiring and supervision.

Sacked prison guards Brett Robinson (33) and Jilly Curry (39) are now in jail serving sentences for custodial sexual misconduct among other crimes.

The lawsuit claims that the two women abused their power and took advantage of the inmate and that the county failed to prevent it through its hiring and training practises.

According to the suit both women repeatedly had ‘unconsented’ and ‘coercive’ sex with the inmate.

The inmate was a 25-year-old gang member and sex offender who spent time in jail before.

Lawyers for Curry and Robinson argue that the inmate pursued them and eventually convinced them to unlock several doors and let him into other areas of the unit for sex.