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Out-of-it addict tears out own eyeball and devours it

Out-of-it addict tears out own eyeball and devours it

An addict, high on crystal meth, tore out his own eye and ate it.

A politician in Australia has revealed a horrifying story concerning a crystal meth addict who she says gouged out his own eyes and ate them.

Federal Liberal MP Karen McNamara was speaking at an Ice Summit yesterday to address the epidemic that is sweeping across the country. 

She recalled a particularly disturbing story concerning a boy who was addicted to the drug and was under the influence of the methamphetamine when he gouged out his own eyes. 

"Let me tell you a story that demonstrates this ... about a young boy taken into an emergency department for treatment who gouged out his own eyeballs and ate them," she told the summit. 

"We have to get these kinds of stories out to young people — this is not a recreational drug."

A spokeswoman for Ms McNamara later said the incident occurred at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle and that she was in the room when the story was related to Ms McNamara by a frontline emergency services officer who wished to remain anonymous, said.

"This person received the information from her colleagues who witnessed the event at a Newcastle hospital," the spokesperson said.

The summit is being held just one week after police successfully closed down a methamphetamine ring following a series of raids and seizure of 150kg of the drug worth more than $100 million.