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Horse put down after being stabbed and 'sexually violated'

Crime WorldBy Shuki Byrne
The horse was put down after being stabbed and 'sexually violated'
The horse was put down after being stabbed and 'sexually violated'

An elderly horse had to be put down after it was after it was stabbed twice and "sexually violated" in an attack

The 18-year-old pony, Blaze, was put down after being seen by vets following the incident in Aberdeenshire, STV reports. 

Police are investigating the horrific incident after the owner said Blaze was stabbed "twice in the chest" by a perpetrator who then "sexually violated her".

He was taken to the vets who took the decision to put the animal to sleep. 

Owner Zoe Wright has offered a reward of £1000 to anyone who can provide information which leads to an arrest.

A Facebook post urging others to help track down the person responsible was shared over 1,800 times in an hour on the social network, STV said. 

Police have launched an investigation into the incident in the New Pitsligo area. Wright believes the incident took place between 9pm on Sunday night or Monday morning.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “We have received a complaint about an injury to a horse in New Pitsligo and we are investigating.”