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Have-a-go hero injured trying to stop gang of jewel thieves

The scene in Windsor this morning after the attempted raid
The scene in Windsor this morning after the attempted raid

A have-a-go hero was hurt while trying to tackle a gang of armed robbers as they smashed the windows of a jewellery store, according to an eyewitness.

Three people have been arrested after the attempted raid at Robert Gatward Jewellers in King Edward Court, Windsor, at around 10am.

A member of the public who intervened was taken to hospital for treatment but his injury is not thought to be serious, Thames Valley Police said.

One eyewitness described how a group of passers-by tackled two of the gang to the floor and held them on the ground until police arrived.

Hannah Carrington, 20, who was working at the nearby Polarn O Pyret clothing shop when the attack happened, said she saw one man covered in blood after holding one suspect down.

She claimed the gang arrived on two motorbikes and she saw one of the men using a sledgehammer to smash the windows of the jewellers.

She said: "They arrived on two motorbikes , which we thought was the cleaner's blower but all of a sudden we heard all this screaming and banging.

"I looked out the window and saw three or four guys with a sledgehammer just bashing the window."

Several members of the public intervened and were threatened by one of the suspects, Miss Carrington said.

"The guy who was sledgehammering was threatening to hit them and, I don't know where he came from, just a random guy, he squared up to him at first with nothing," she said.

"The guy was going 'get away' and he was saying 'go on then, go on then'."

One of those who intervened went off before returning with a baseball bat, she claimed, and the suspects attempted to flee.

Miss Carrington said: "There was a guy who was sat on one of them (a suspect) and when the police came he got off and had blood on his shirt.

"It was those guys that actually caught them - if it was not for them, they would have got away."

Jewellery shop staff declined to comment.