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Guns of anarchy: Bike gangs to wreak havoc in US

The scene of a recent gangland biker shooting spree
The scene of a recent gangland biker shooting spree

Outlaw motorcycle gangs are plotting to bring fresh terror to American towns and cities following last weekend’s Texas bloodbath that left nine dead and 170 under arrest, authorities have warned.

The FBI has “solid intelligence” that warring bikers are preparing for a summer of murder and mayhem in a battle for supremacy and control over vast crime empires that stretch across virtually every state.

“They pose a real menace and a serious national domestic threat,” a senior agent at the bureau’s west-coast headquarters in Los Angeles told the Sunday World.

“Police forces across the United States are on standby.”

Miraculously, no cops or innocent bystanders were hurt during Sunday’s horrifying clash between five gangs – including notorious arch-enemies the Bandidos and Cossacks – at the Twin Peaks diner in Waco.

During a series of gunfights and pitch battles that spilled out of the restaurant and into a huge adjacent parking lot, police said that as many as 300 bikers were involved.

As well as the nine dead, another 18 were seriously injured in hand-to-hand combat involving knives, axes, chains, baseball bats and other weapons that left Sergeant Patrick Swanton declaring: “It was a pretty gruesome scene.”

Police, already on high alert as rival gangs converged on the diner, responded within 60 seconds of the first melee and Sgt Swanton added: “They started shooting at our officers and our officers returned fire.”

In the aftermath of the bloody conflict, it has emerged that simple decades-long hostility between the Bandidos and Cossacks, especially, was far from the root cause of the conflict.

Our FBI source revealed: “At stake is a criminal empire that includes drug trafficking, cross-border drug and human trafficking, arms dealing, prostitution and extortion.”

Astonishingly, the bureau believes more than 300 ‘OMGs’ – Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs – are operating in the United States, the Bandidos being one of the largest of these with more than 2,400 members in as many as 93 chapters.

Like their better-known counterparts from the Hells Angels and Mongols, heavily-tattooed members call themselves ‘one percenters’ and consider themselves above the law and out of touch with 99 per cent of law-abiding bikers.

Their shocking encounter with police and rival gangs last weekend has triggered “open warfare” between the factions, according to FBI intelligence and one leading Bandidos member, who identified himself only by his gang nickname of Gimmi Jimmy, bluntly declared: “Some of our innocent members have been wrongly jailed and our attorneys are working to get them out.”

The long-serving Bandidos boss, who is in his forties and had been scheduled to publicly address what had been intended as a peaceful rally on Sunday, chillingly added: “Once they are freed, we will regroup and plan what comes next. It’s time to quit talking and start fighting.”

Today, the Sunday World reveals details of some of the biggest outlaw motorcycle gangs operating in the States... and the threat they are likely to pose in what law enforcement officials fear could become all-out war.