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Grandparents of 11-month-old boy left in car to die may face charges

Sad: Jaxon Taylor
Sad: Jaxon Taylor

Grandparents of an 11-month-old toddler left to die in a sweltering car may face charges, authorities say.

Officials in northwest Georgia are still considering pressing charges against the grandparents of the child, who died on Saturday after being left in the hot car for two hours. 

Jaxon Taylor, not even a year old, was found unresponsive in the SUV vehicle as temperatures climbed above 90 degrees fahrenheit. 

According to a statement by the sheriff’s department, the toddler had been with family members returning from church in the mid-afternoon. The other members of the family exited the vehicle and headed for home, apparently without the youngster. 

The boy's mother, who is said to work nights, was at home asleep. She awoke two hours after the family members returned and immediately asked where the child was. 

Only then did the grandparents realise he was not present. 

They discovered the toddler unresponsive and performed CPR. Emergency services were called and the boy was rushed to hospital. 

However, he was pronounced dead a short time later. His body has been sent for an autopsy. 

Speaking yesterday,  Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson said: "There was a lack of communication within the three adults. They assumed that one of the others had brought in the child and laid him down. They didn't communicate who would get the child."

Walker added they were keeping an open mind regarding charges and are awaiting the results of the autopsy. 

Investigators are saying the death was accidental, but charges against the couple may be considered when the results come back. 

The Department of Meteorology & Climate Science in California said the toddler was the 19th child to die in the United States so far this year because of being left inside a hot car.