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Evil rapist Trevor Byrne banged up abroad

Trevor Byrne
Trevor Byrne

Notorious sex beast Trevor Byrne (39) has been locked up in Britain.

The predator, who had previously been living in a tent Dublin's north-inner city, is facing trial in the UK as part of an investigation into a firearms offence.

Byrne is in custody in Britain ahead of a trial in March, according to the Irish Daily Star.

He is charged with the suspicion of possession of a shotgun without holding the required certificate.

The convicted rapist faces a prison sentence of up to five years, with the likelihood of a fine as well.

Byrne was brought before Preston Magistrates Court after being cuffed by officers in Lancashire.

The sex beast will be kept in custody until appearing before Preston Crown Court in March. He has pleaded not guilty.

It is believed that Byrne's arrest occurred during a major drugs sting carried out by British police, though he faces no charges in relation to narcotics.

The Star reports that the prosection's case includes a link of fingerprints found on the seized shotgun to those taken from Byrne following his arrest.

Sicko Byrne previously went into hiding after he was exposed lurking outside the Mater Hospital in Dublin.

Byrne had been living in a tent in a bush on the northside of Dublin city.

The convicted rapist once asked a judge to return him to prison because he couldn't abide by the terms of his release.

Efforts to rehouse the sex attacker among the general population had failed after he was assaulted by vigilante mobs on a number of occasions.

He received a 15-year sentence for raping a woman in November of 1993. During the ordeal the 18-year-old was told by Byrne he had to kill her and he hit her with a brick.

He was released in 2005, but within 36 hours he attacked a woman from the Philippines, threatening to cut her throat. Byrne got a five-year sentence for the attack and was released in 2009.

He then attacked a 24-year-old French woman after following her and forcing his way into her home in Phibsborough in September that year.