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“Dissatisfied” man set fire to massage parlour

Salagh Al-Sabah (Pic: South Wales Police)
Salagh Al-Sabah (Pic: South Wales Police)

33-year-old Salagh Al-Sabah has been jailed for setting fire to a massage parlour in Cardiff, Wales.

There were 10 people on the premises at the time, which offers hot tub VIP one hour sessions for £120.

A member of staff walked into on a room which Qatari-born Al-Sabah had just left – to find a small fire had been lit.

Prosecuting barrister Michael Jones told Cardiff Crown Court that Al-Sabah “was a disgruntled customer. It could have been very serious indeed.”

“It was only very prompt action of some of the staff that stopped what could have been a tragedy,” he said.

Al-Sabah, who studies at the University of South Wales, found it “difficult to accept” what he had done, the court heard.

He believed it could have been caused by the stubbing out of a cigarette but the court was told he “accepted what the prosecution says although he has no memory of it”.

Al Sabah was jailed for 40-months.