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Deputy headmaster in chemsex-orgy, paedo-ring shame

Peter Allott
Peter Allott

A 37-year-old deputy headmaster who worked in the prestigious St Benedict's School in London has been jailed for his involvement in a child porn ring.

Peter Allott developed a penchant for “chemsex” parties where he would snort and huff crystal meth, mephedrone and MDMA before engaging in "slamming" orgies.

Jailing Allott for 33 months, Judge Peter Hillen said:

"All of that has been destroyed and is fully in ruins by what, in the words of your own counsel, was an addiction to debauchery.

"Two years after you sadly lost of your mother and shortly after the death of your grandmother, you started to seek relief from your grief in chemsex parties, talking to other potential sexual partners on the Grindr networking site and meeting them, using Class A drugs, crystal meth and M-Cat, then engaging in sexual activity.

"The consensual sexual activity between you and other people is of no concern of this court save for it was at the drug parties that you became aware of, and addicted to, indecent images of children.

"You watched videos, moving images, of child sex abuse. That would lead you to online chat room Zoom where you and others, as many as 25 at a time I have been told, would watch and exchange the images.

"I use the phrase of a paedophile ring, that's precisely what that was.

"You were leading in effect a double life that over the weekends you would engage in chemsex parties using crystal meth and m-cat (mephedrone) and having sex with multiple partners but also watch these images.

"Then on Monday morning you would put on your suit and you would be the brilliant, high-flying deputy headmaster, doing your public duty and your work for society.

"A split personality, the devoted life on one side but the bespectacled deputy head master was a lie because the other side of your life was one of debauchery."

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St Benedict's School

Prosecutor Michael Shaw told the court: "In interview he stated he engaged seeking homosexual company through an online dating site called Grindr which involved him meeting other men who engaged in taking Class A drugs, normally crystal meth.

"In order to attract them he would raise the question of child abuse. If they expressed an interest he offered to show them images he had.

"On the hard drive he had a selection of images of different sexes and ages he showed prospective partners on the basis it would arouse them.

"He said he found himself in a spiral of addiction to drugs and took part in 'chemsex' parties whereby he would binge on drugs at the weekend and engage in viewing these images with likeminded individuals."

The ex-deputy headmaster was perusing websites like "Nasty Chem Pigs" and associated with a man online whose username was “London Paedo”, Mr Shaw told the court.

Police found 417 images and videos of children on the hard drive kept in his school office and a further 274 still and moving images on an Apple laptop and iPhone at his home.

Allot admitted possessing 25 "grossly offensive" images on a hard drive and sharing the images with other offenders on the Zoom photo and video sharing programme, three counts of making indecent photos of children, one count of possessing extreme pornography, one of sharing indecent photos of children and one of possessing a Class A substance.

He was put on the sex offenders register and jailed for 32 months for child abuse offences and one month for drugs possession.

The Cambridge University graduate had been working at the £15,000 (€19,000) a year Catholic school, which has a “terrible legacy of child abuse”, since 2004.

A spokesperson for the school said: “St Benedict's has been shocked and saddened by the offences committed by Mr Allott. He has already resigned and will not be returning to it.

"We would reiterate that there remains no evidence any pornographic material was found on school computers or that any other members of the school community have been involved in or exposed to the material Mr Allott was using.