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Depraved Swedish doctor drew up "sex contract"

Crime WorldBy Sunday World
Martin Trenneborg in court (Pic: Aftonbladet)
Martin Trenneborg in court (Pic: Aftonbladet)

Martin Trenneborg, the 'Swedish Fritzl' who locked a woman in an underground bunker, drew up a “sex contract” which would reduce the time he kept her imprisoned if she obeyed his demands.

The 38-year-old doctor has admitted to sedating the woman, abducting her and locking her up for almost a week in a soundproofed bunker he built inside a machine shed next to his home. He denies charges that he also raped her.

The contract included a list of sex acts and behaviours which - if she agreed - would give her "discounts" on the amount of time she would have to stay in the bunker, Mail Online reports.

Under the terms, she would be required to give him the "GFE"(or "girlfriend experience") by kissing him during sex and would be required to shave all her body hair, pierce her navel and let him film and photograph her.

The contract - written in English - also said she would be “punished” with additional time in the soundproof bunker if she refused sex, masturbated or tried to escape.

The document - found on Trenneborg’s computer after his arrest in September last year - suggested he was planning to keep her prisoner for ten years.

But Trenneborg’s plan unravelled when he found police at her apartment a week later when he returned to collect some of her belongings.

He forced the woman - believed to be in her 30s - to go to the local police station to call off the search for her but officers became suspicious of her fake story.

The woman told police that Trenneborg - dubbed "Sweden’s Josef Fritzl" - had not raped her again while she was in the bunker but she lived in fear of what he may do.

She said: "Every time he came I didn't know what was going to happen, whether he would rape me or torture me or murder me.

"At one point he told me that if I were to try to escape, he would punish me by chaining me to the bed and I would get nothing to eat but crisp bread.

"He only said that he would keep me there a few years and that he would release me after that."

She also said he planned to bring another woman to the bunker "possibly a celebrity" or the victim’s own mother.

Documents found on Trenneborg’s computer showed he had been planning the kidnap for years and had scouted out at least ten women before settling on his eventual victim.

He said: "She was suppose be my girlfriend for years, that was the purpose. But now that I am imprisoned she will not be my girlfriend in the ordinary sense, even I can understand that.

"She was not suppose to be a punching bag or something. We were suppose to be kissing, hanging out, having sex and stuff that normally people do."

The trial continues.