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Dad charged with brutal murder of pregnant daughter

Andrea Caruth
Andrea Caruth

A father has been charged with murder after he allegedly strangled and beat his pregnant daughter to death and stuffed her lifeless body into a crawlspace.

61-year-old William Caruth was charged after the body of missing 39-year-old Anndrea Caruth was discovered by cadaver-sniffing dogs.

The discovery was made at the basement apartment Mr Caruth shared with his daughter in Baychester, New York, US.

William Caruth

Anndrea, who was five-months pregnant, had been strangled and smashed in the head, suffering skull fractures and brain injuries.

Police say that William Caruth smashed a concrete floor and stuffed his daughter’s corpse into a crawlspace before covering the hold with plywood and a rug.

However, the stink or rotting flesh permeated the home and the sniffer dogs quickly uncovered Andrea’s body.

Caruth had been visited by police for domestic incidents multiple times between 2001 and 2013.