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Couple wanted Becky Watts to be their sexual plaything

Becky Watts
Becky Watts

A couple targeted Becky Watts due to their shared dislike of her and planned to use the teenager as their "sexual plaything", a court heard.

Nathan Matthews, 28, allegedly suffocated his 16-year-old stepsister in a sexually motivated kidnap plot with girlfriend Shauna Hoare, 21, on February 19.

Becky's body was moved from her home in Crown Hill, Bristol, and dismembered in the couple's bath in Cotton Mill Lane, Bristol, with a circular saw.

Her remains, packed into suitcases and a blue plastic storage box, were discovered in a garden shed 80 metres away by police on March 3.

A jury of 10 women and one man heard the closing speech for the prosecution's case in Becky's murder trial, following 21 days of evidence.

William Mousley QC, told the court Matthews and Hoare murdered Becky and attempted to cover up her death over the days that followed.

James Ireland, 23, and Donovan Demetrius, 30, helped assist the couple by hiding Becky's body parts in the shed, Mr Mousley said.

"This is a case where you have heard two worlds - the fantasy world lived in by these four defendants and the real world where you and I live," he told the jury.

"We submit that if you stand back and look at this case in a sensible, logical way that a clear picture emerges."

Bristol Crown Court heard Becky previously battled anorexia but had good friends, a boyfriend and a future to look forward to.

"A girl whose life was cruelly and we submit callously taken away from her at the hands of Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare," Mr Mousley said.

Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare

"Because they didn't like her and because they thought she could be their sexual plaything.

"Not satisfied with that, their contempt that they had for her extended to the grotesque way in which her body was treated after her death."

Mr Mousley said the process of dismembering Becky and wrapping her body parts in bags, cling film and tape would have taken "hours and hours".

The court heard Hoare was present or close by when Matthews killed Becky, dismembered and moved her body parts on February 24.

A post mortem examination of Becky's body found she died in a violent struggle and was suffocated on her back on a hard floor.

Matthews insists Becky died when he put his hands around her neck during a botched kidnap plot to scare her.

Mr Mousley told the jury that if Becky's death was a "terrible accident", Matthews could have called 999 or attempted to save her.

"What he did was to take her pulse and that confirmed she was dead," he said.

"That rather suggests someone who is making sure he has achieved what he wanted to do."

Mr Mousley said the lack of injuries on Matthews - a minor scratch to his knuckle - suggested Hoare was involved in the killing or kidnap plan.

Matthews's account that he acted alone is designed to exonerate his partner of six years due to his "love or affection" for her, he said.

The former TA soldier showed "no remorse or sorrow for what he did" during his time in the witness box, Mr Mousley added.

Hoare presented herself as "confident and calculating" while giving her evidence, the prosecutor said.

"Again, not a flicker of emotion in the whole time she was in the witness box. A very cool, one might say very cold individual," he said.

"For those of you who like Shakespeare did she take the words of Lady Macbeth and apply them to this case?

"Lady Macbeth sending her husband before he was to go on and kill the King of Scotland.

"Be like an innocent flower but a serpent beneath it."

Mr Mousley said Hoare was linked to the Becky's death and dismemberment forensically, by text messages and her presence.

"She was involved in this from the start to the finish," he added.

Messages between Hoare and Matthews in the lead up to Becky's death demonstrated their shared interest in teenage girls, the jury heard.

This was further demonstrated by pornography on the laptop they used and bookmarks on their mobile phones, it was said.

The couple disliked Becky, were jealous of her and perceived her as attention seeking and manipulative, Mr Mousley added.

Matthews, of Hazelbury Drive, Warmley, South Gloucestershire, denies murder and conspiracy to kidnap.

He admits killing Becky, perverting the course of justice, preventing the burial of a corpse and possessing a prohibited weapon.

Hoare, of Cotton Mill Lane, Bristol, denies murder, conspiracy to kidnap, perverting the course of justice, preventing burial of a corpse and possessing a prohibited weapon.

Karl Demetrius, 30, and his partner Jaydene Parsons, 23, admit assisting an offender.

Donovan Demetrius, of Marsh Lane, Bristol, and Ireland, 23, of Richmond Villas, Avonmouth, deny the charge.