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Cops search for missing woman believed to be with cat killer whose ex suspiciously disappeared

Jessica Runions
Jessica Runions

US police are searching for a woman (21) who was last seen in the company of a cat killer and whose car was found burned-out two days later.

Jessica Runions was last seen on Thursday evening at a house party.

Her car was founded burned out on Saturday morning, according to Kansas police officers.

Police believe the young woman left the party with her boyfriend’s childhood friend, Kylr Yust.

While police have yet to name any suspects in the case, they are continuing their search for Runions.

An ex-girlfriend of Yust’s disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Kylr Yust

Yust’s ex-girlfriend, Kara Kopetsky, disappeared in May 2007, soon after Kopetsky and her mother, Rhonda Beckford, filed a restraining order. They alleged that he was abusive.

Kopetsky was never found, and Yust was not charged in her disappearance.

Yust later pleaded guilty to abusing a different girlfriend. The young man has a troubled history - he’s also been arrested for theft and animal cruelty, including killing cats.

Authorities say they are “very concerned” for Runions’ safety.

“It’s suspicious circumstances, her vehicle unoccupied, burned in a remote area ... just asking anyone who has had contact with her to call the police,” Captain Stacey Graves, a police spokesperson, told KCTV News.