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Stoned cop wearing ‘Little Ms Dangerous’ helmet crashes into two cars

IT'S A FAIR COP: Staniland
IT'S A FAIR COP: Staniland

A 29-year-old NYPD female police officer was arrested this week after crashing an unregistered motorbike into two cars at a red light while carrying drug paraphernalia – just months after being arrested for being high while on duty.

Stacey Staniland was previously charged with breaking and entering into her partner’s mother’s home and stealing her jewellery before selling it to pawn shops last December.

On both of those occasions she was suspended from duty without pay for 30 days but, remarkably, she still works for the police department.

On the night of the crash, while sporting a helmet with the legend ‘Little Miss Dangerous’ emblazoned across it, Staniland crashed into the parked cars on Staten Island in New York and cops later found a syringe, a silver spoon and drug residue on her person.

She had also been sniffing glue, police reported.

To date Ms Dangerous, as she obviously prefers to be known, has been charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, possession of a hypodermic instrument, burglary, grand larceny and possession of stolen property – and all in the space of six months.