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Chilling CCTV footage of student who raped and killed teacher shown in court

Phillip Chism on CCTV
Phillip Chism on CCTV

Shocking footage of student on trail for raping and killing his teacher rolling a recycling bin down a hallway and outside the school was shown in court on Monday.


Philip Chism (16) remained in silence as the court was shown a video of him dragging a recycling bin the prosecution claims contained the body of his math tutor in Danvers High School, Massachusetts in 2013.

Further video footage shows him returning to the school after burying the body of Ritzer in the woods covered in a red substance, believed to be blood.

Chism, who was 14 at the time of the murder, has admitted to killing the 24 year old teacher but is pleading not guilty on the grounds of insanity.

Jurors were told on Monday that Ritzer's blood was found on a box cutter in Chism's bag pack and on the clothes he was wearing that day.

At some point during the day Chism changed his clothes, initially confusing police as they believed a second individual was involved.

More chilling footage was shown to the court as cameras caught Reitzer's last moments as she walked down the school hallway and into the bathroom.

Chism appears moments later with his hood up and wearing a pair of gloves following Reitzer to the bathroom where he brutally raped and murdered her.

Minutes later a female student is seen walking into the bathroom but leaving seconds later.

The student, Daneille Bedard, testified that saw a 'naked brown butt' and assumed it was someone changing so she left the bathroom.

She thought nothing of the incident until she heard of Ritzer's murder.

'I opened the door. I didn't step all the way into the girl's room,' said Bedard.

'When I opened the door I could see someone's bare behind. They were leaning towards the sinks. I couldn't see an upper half of them.

'They were standing, but they were, like, leaning over. I just turned around and left.'

More video footage shows Chism exiting the bathroom with a pair of black plants that appears to belong to Ritzer.

In the footage the teen's hand is visibly red, in what could be his teacher's blood.

Jurors were also shown the stick Chism stuck inside Ritzer's genitals after he dumped her body in the woods.

The teenager was caught on CCTV footage that afternoon outside a cinema where a ticket for the film Gravity was purchased by someone with Ritzer's credit card.

Chrism's defence lawyer, Denise Regan, said at the beginning of her trial that her client did everything he is excused of but argues that he killed his teacher 'because he was plagued by a severe and untreated mental illness'.

Chism is also accused of attacking a woman while in police custody in 2014. He allegedly stabbed the young her in the back with a pencil while they were both at Metro Youth Services facility in Boston.

The trial continues next Monday.