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Fears cannibal killer who murdered and ate 7 women has escaped from mental health facility

Nikolai 'Metal Fang' Dzhumagliev
Nikolai 'Metal Fang' Dzhumagliev

One of the world's most brutal serial killers may have escaped and locals in Kazakhstan fear 'Metal Fang' has killed again.

Residents of Almaty in the former Soviet state are gripped in fear as Nikolai Dzhumagaliev is reportedly back on the prowl.

The sick murderer was jailed in 1981 after he admitted to seven terrible killings but he was committed to a mental institute as he was judged to be insane.

Dubbed Metal Fang due to his metal teeth, the 63-year-old claimed his first victim in 1979 and police believe he was responsible for the death of at least 10 women, all of whom he cannabilised in gruesome rituals at his home, which included drinking his victim's blood.

According to the Daily Mail, locals in Almaty claim that they have seen the monster since he escaped and they believe he is responsible for the disappearance of a young woman in the city on New Year's Eve.

However, local police has refused to confirm the serial killer is back on the streets.

Dzhumagaliev escaped before, in 1989, and evaded capture for two years.