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Boxer slices his lawyer’s penis off and flushes it down the toilet

Ikki Kodukai
Ikki Kodukai

A 24-year-old boxer brutally beat his lawyer before slicing the man’s penis off with a pruning shears and flushing the detached member down the toilet.

Local media reports that Ikki Kodukai burst into his lawyer’s office and accused 42-year-old Minato Ward of having an affair with his wife.

The local graduate student repeatedly punched Mr Ward before holding the barely conscious man down and snipping off his penis.

Kodukai, with Mr Ward’s former phallus in hand, then flushed the organ down the toilet, assuring that it would never be re-attached.

The former university boxer’s wife, who works in the same office in the Toranomon area of Tokyo, as the victim, was also present.

Reports indicate that the three had been engaged in an argument prior to the attack.

Ward is receiving hospital treatment and his condition is not said to be life threatening.