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81-year-old man has leg amputated after neighbour drives over him

81-year-old man has leg amputated after neighbour drives over him

An 81-year-old man lost a leg after his 85-year-old neighbour repeatedly drove his car at him in a bid to maim him.

Vincent Simpson pleaded guilty on Wednesday to causing grievous bodily harm to Norman Harrison with intent near to their homes in the village of Shawforth, near Rochdale, on August 27 2014.

Preston Crown Court heard that in committing the offence Simpson had admitted his intent was to "permanently maim" Mr Harrison.

Simpson, now aged 86, entered the plea ahead of a scheduled trial in which he had denied attempted murder.

No details of the offence were heard in court as sentencing was adjourned for the defendant's medical condition to be assessed but sources told the Press Association that Simpson apparently held a "long-standing delusional grudge" against his victim.

Retiree Mr Harrison had left his address for a short walk to nearby garages in Old Lane to collect his car for a shopping trip with his wife, Gladys.

When he passed Simpson's home the defendant got into his own vehicle and deliberately drove into Mr Harrison before he reversed and drove into him again.

The impact led to Mr Harrison's leg being impaled on a concrete post outside his garage and while still in agony Simpson returned and reversed into him again before he calmly drove off.

Simpson was arrested shortly afterwards.

Mr Harrison was taken to Salford Royal Hospital and had to have his leg amputated.

Sources said it appeared to be a "one-off incident" as it emerged that Simpson held a delusional belief that his victim was to blame for the death of the defendant's wife.

Mr Harrison's own wife, Gladys, who he was married to for 56 years, died of cancer last year.

Alaric Bassano, prosecuting, told the court that Simpson's guilty plea was acceptable to the Crown.

Simpson, whose given address was The Old Manse, Pendeen, Cornwall, is currently detained under the Mental Heatlh Act at a hospital in Cornwall with "no prospect of release".

He was accompanied to court by nursing staff.

Addressing the defendant, Judge Pamela Badley said: "You have pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent, which is a very serious offence, and the court would like all the information about you before passing sentence, including that which is contained in psychiatric reports and what arrangements can be made not only for your safety but the safety of the public including Mr Harrison."

She added he faced a "fairly lengthy period of restriction".

Sentencing will take place on a date to be fixed.