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6-year-old boy has penis and fingers hacked off by angry neighbour

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A six-year-old child had his penis and fingers chopped off by an angry neighbour for waking her up.

The accused woman, Liu Tao, was reportedly sleeping in a room at her cousin’s home in central China when the little boy who was living next door woke her up.

Liu, allegedly woke to find the child in her room and initially removed him.

But, the little boy paid no heed and ran back into the room.

Liu then took a kitchen knife and scissors and stabbed and slashed the boy’s fingers, head, face and snipped off his penis, leaving him bleeding on the floor.

The woman then fled the scene on foot, but was later captured by police in her village.

According to the child’s father his son had lost several fingers, and his penis was completely removed.

"Police asked the suspect where she put my son's penis, but she wouldn't say," he told reporters.

The missing digits and penis were eventually recovered from a vase in the woman’s room and returned to the hospital where the child was being treated.

The boy is currently in hospital where doctors say his injuries are severe, warning that they may not be able to reattach his fingers and penis as they were separated from the body for too long.

The woman faces more than ten-years in jail for assaulting the child.

But, she may be shown leniency if a media report can prove that she suffers from a mental illness.