'Crazy' headbutting of Garda car caused €2,550 worth of damage

'Crazy' headbutting of Garda car caused €2,550 worth of damage

A court in Tuam has heard a man headbutted a Garda car, causing over €2,500 worth of damage to the vehicle.

The Tuam Herald reports on the case involving Patrick Joyce, of 57 Parkmore, Tuam who was before Tuam District Court last week.

It related to an incident at 3am on October 24 2016 when gardai attended reports of a disturbance in the Parkmore area.

On arrival gardai found a number of people on the street and Joyce was shouting before he kicked and punched the garda car.

The court heard he took his top off and asked Garda Anna Breslin to fight.

Garda Breslin arrested Joyce and at this point he began to headbutt the patrol car.

Joyce's solicitor told the court that his client didn't drink that often but on the day of the incident he had consumed nine pints and they did not agree with him.

"He just lost the head," the defence said.

The Judge ruled that Joyce had two months to come up with compensation or else he would face six months in jail.

"Headbutting a car, I've never heard anything so crazy in my life," the Judge said. "What a headbanger."