Youth chased by gardai during driving rampage in Dublin after buying car on Done Deal

Youth chased by gardai during driving rampage in Dublin after buying car on Done Deal

A 15-YEAR-OLD boy, who went on a driving rampage in a car he bought through the Done Deal website, will be sentenced in April.

The boy, who cannot be named because he is a minor, has pleaded guilty to 11 counts of dangerous driving on January 10 last at locations in north Dublin: Malahide Road in D3, the Belmayne Avenue and Malahide Road junction, a roundabout in Clarehall and on the R139, Main Street in Clongriffin, the junction of Grand Road and Willie Nolan Road, Coast Road and Moyne Road.

The Dublin Children's Court heard the teenager was driving a '99-reg Ford Fiesta which turned away as it approached a garda checkpoint and drove away at high-speed. 

Following an adjournment, a positive probation report on the youth was furnished to the court.

Judge John O'Connor adjourned sentencing to him to engage further with a probation service restorative justice programme.

At an earlier hearing the judge had said it was lucky the teenager had not caused fatalities and was not on trial for manslaughter.

Garda Garret Ryan, of Coolock station, told Judge O'Connor that the teenager was pursued and seen driving through a red light.

He then overtook a car causing two on-coming cars to take evasive actions.

He went through a pedestrian crossing on the wrong side of the road, broke another red light and hit the side of another car.

He turned on to another road and began “weaving in and out of traffic” in a housing estate.

Garda Ryan said it happened at 3pm and it was busy time of the day.

At Grange Road, the boy drove on the wrong side of the road and “forced on-coming traffic out of his way” and he narrowly missed a collision at Willie Nolan Road.

The court heard the boy started to head in the direction of Portmarnock and he drove on the Coast Road, on the wrong side.

The Moyne Road had been been flooded and when the teenager got there he “hit a pool of water and fish tailed and hit a tree”, Judge O'Connor was told.

The court heard he had no prior criminal convictions, is still in school and hopes to become a mechanic. The court heard the teenager is very good at home for his mother.

“I want to say sorry, it was a once off mistake, it will never happen again,” the boy has told Judge O'Connor.

The boy wants to become a mechanic and bought the car cheap, replaced the battery and was planning on selling it, his solicitor had said. The solicitor also said the boy, who was accompanied to court by his mother, is ashamed.

The court has heard the teen bought the car on the Done Deal four days before the chase.

Judge O'Connor has also told him his mother was lucky not be in the Coroner's Court dealing with the death of her own child and possibly the deaths of other children as a consequence of his behaviour which “put a lot of people's lives at risk”.

He said it was a very serious case and the boy could have been facing a trial for dangerous driving causing death or manslaughter.