Women on red alert as vile rapist freed from prison custody

Trevor Byrne
Trevor Byrne

THESE chilling photos show convicted rapist Trevor Byrne is back on streets after walking free from prison custody this week.

The sex-offender has a frightening record of attacking women within hours after being released from jail.

He was set free in central Dublin after being brought to the capital from the Midlands Prison in County Laois.

Byrne was then taken from a Prison Service van by a number of officers on Infirmary Road near close to the Courts of Criminal Justice last Friday.

After an animated conversation with prison staff he then walked off to a newsagents past his old home of O’Devaney Gardens, before getting in a taxi.

His horrific track record of rape and robberies, in which he targets young women, has now left him homeless.

Attempts to house him in an apartment and hostel have ended in him being forced out by angry and fearful neighbours. He is thought to have a place in a city hostel this weekend.

Byrne’s latest stint in prison came after a suspended portion of an eight-year sentence was reactivated because he failed to stick to the conditions of his probation.

This included staying off booze, which has led him to carry out attacks in the past.

Last year Byrne asked in court to be put back into prison because he believes he cannot keep to the conditions.

The final two years of the eight-year sentence were suspended on strict conditions. These included that he remain under supervision by the Probation Service and that he stays off alcohol.

But after his release in March 2014 Byrne ended up back in court several times accused of breaching his probation terms. He was jailed for six-months after he was caught with six cans of cider, claiming he needed alcohol to stay away from drugs.

He had also phoned the Central Mental Hospital at the time and told a nurse that he felt he was out of control and that he “might hack somebody up”.

Byrne was again released in October last year, but was soon brought to court by the Probation Services for not staying in contact with the services.

A Probation Officer told how she had reached “crisis point” with Byrne as he kept disappeared with no warning.

He travelled to Belfast on four occasions, switching off his phone and had to be located by the PSNI. He was also found in Cork without informing the authorities where he planned to go.

On that occasion, he ended up in street brawl after a number of people there confronted him on the street.

He became notorious when he got a 15-year sentence for raping a woman in November of 1993. During the ordeal the 18-year-old was told by Byrne he had to kill her and he hit her with a brick.

He was released in 2005, but within 36 hours he attacked a woman from the Philippines, threatening to cut her throat. Byrne got a five-year sentence for the attack and was released in 2009.

He then attacked a 24-year-old French woman after following her and forcing his way into her home in Phibsboro in September that year.

In the latest incident, Byrne followed the woman to her home in Leo Street in the early hours of the morning and forced his way into her house.

He brought her upstairs, but fled when she managed to wake one of her flatmates.

She bravely returned to Dublin from France to give evidence against Byrne. She told the court that she suffered nightmares and that the situation could have been much worse if there had been no-one else in the house.