Woman admits 30-minute afternoon sex session on grass area outside supermarket

The grass area where the couple were seen 'going at it'
The grass area where the couple were seen 'going at it'

A woman has been slapped with a fine and hit with a curfew after admitting to engaging in a 30-minute afternoon sex session in a grass area beside a local supermarket.

Laura Knowles (33) was spotted by a resident in the area who told police he was watching a couple engaging in sexual intercourse. 

The shocked resident told police a naked woman and man had been having sex at the site for approximately 30 minutes. 

When officers arrived, they helped naked Knowles dress before arresting her and her lover, Manchester magistrates’ court heard.

Prosecutor Matthew Siddall told the court the couple were spotted in the act just a few yards from Greenheys Lane West and close to a large and busy Asda supermarket. 

"It happened at pretty much the time that children are leaving school," said Mr Siddall.

The court heard the resident witnessed the couple and was so shocked he phoned police. He was able to take two photographs of the incident as evidence for the police. 

"He was so disgusted by this behaviour he contacted police officers and used his mobile phone to take two pictures," said Mr Siddall.

Pictures of the couple canoodling on the grass just yards from a path where a pedestrian was walking were shown to the court. 

When officers arrived, they helped Knowles to get dress before arresting her and her lover, the court heard.

"Police attended and the exercise was stopped, if I can put it like that," said Mr Siddall, who continued:

"These sorts of offences are embarassing. When you first hear about these sorts of things it’s almost funny, but not when children are passing through the area, that’s where a line is completely crossed."

Liz Ridgeway, defending, said: "There potentially could have been children on the top deck of a bus (who witnessed this) but there’s nothing to say that children actually saw it.”

The solicitor continued: "This is one of those offences where least said soonest mended. She is absolutely mortified by this offence and quite clearly it should never have happened.

"It was foolish. It’s very much a one-off and quite clearly it was a huge mistake. As soon as the police officers attend she’s extremely full and frank and accepted what she was doing and doesn’t try to give silly excuses and she isn’t coming to court to give some kind of stupid excuse."

Knowles was ordered to pay a £60 victim surcharge, £85 towards prosecution costs and a £180 court charge. She also has to remain inside her home between the hours of 7pm and 7am. 

Her co-accused also charged with outraging public decency. However, he failed to appear in court and a warrant for his arrest is expected to be issued.